How to choose the right brush for my painting?

How to choose the right brush for my painting?

Krishna Kumar asked April 20, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput April 20, 2016

The right brush not only makes the painting come out beautifully it also makes it easy. There are so many varieties and types of brushes available in the market that the selection could prove to be intimidating and confusing.  
Paint brushes are differentiated on the basis of several features-  
TYPE OF HAIR OR BRISTLES: This is the most important feature of the brush to be kept in mind else it will not only bring forth undesirable results, it will also become a tedious job. On the basis of type of hair the brushes available are- 

  • Sable  used for oil and watercolor painting 
  • Hog  used for oil and acrylic painting 
  • Squirrel used for watercolor and inks painting 
  • Ox  used for watercolor and tempera painting 
  • Goat  used for watercolor and inks painting 
  • Pony used for watercolor, acrylic and tempera painting. 
  • Synthetic  Can be used with any type of painting medium 

SHAPE OF THE BRISTLES: The shape influences the marks that are made on the painting. On the basis of shape of the bristles, they are divided into- 

  • Flat used for flat strokes, controlled lines and define edges 
  • Bright used for flat strokes 
  • Round most versatile they produce detailed and controlled thick marks 
  • Angled used to paint flat lines 
  • Script used to paint controlled lines 
  • Filbert most widely used for acrylic and oil painting 
  • Fan rather than pulling out a stroke it is used to just dab a surface 
  • Mop used to spread even color over large areas 

THICKNESS OF THE BRISTLES: This denotes the thickness and width of the brushes and is identified by a number 
LENGTH OF THE HANDLE : Long handle brushes are used for paintings made on easel whereas short handle brushes are used for paintings on a flat surface. 
Whichever brush the artist chooses for his painting depends upon the above factors but ultimately it is the result that matters.  


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