How to choose soundtrack for my Yoga session?

How to choose soundtrack for my Yoga session?

Shweta Dubey asked April 5, 2016

1 answer

Abhilash Rajput April 5, 2016

Yoga seeks to calm down and discipline our mind and body both. Incorporating some music into your Yoga workouts will help you achieve desirable effect as music works as an antidote on mind and for the relaxation of body.  

 While selecting soundtracks for Yoga keep in mind the type of Yoga workout you re into and your personal preference regarding the music you shall play.  

Since Yoga is generally a form of slower workout in comparison to other forms of exercise, the music selected should also be slower than modern up beat music.  

Music to be played during Yoga should have a background soothing effect rather than driving force.  
Since Yoga is carried out in a disciplined manner, the soundtrack selected should emit the same discipline. 
A little fast tempo Yoga can be accompanied by faster music and spiritual kind of Yoga vibes well with expressive chants.  

Thus the music selected for Yoga should be such that it has a soothing effect rather than distracting the performer.


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