How should I clean my DSLR’s lens ?

How should I clean my DSLR’s lens ?


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Meenakshi Tripathi November 23, 2016

The smudges on the lens largely impact the quality of images. Cleaning camera’s lenses should be a regular part of any camera owner’s maintenance. You need to be very careful during cleaning or you’ll do more damage than good. Here are few tips that you need to keep in mind :

1) Use a UV or Skylight filter : Skylight and UV filters are often used to protect the front of a lens, the logic being that any damage caused to a filter is preferable to any damage to the front element of a lens. Along with each lens you should consider purchasing a UV or skylight filter and keep it attached to your lens at all times. In addition to it cutting out UV light they will protect your lens from scratches or even breakage. Lens hoods can also help protect the end of your lens as do the lens caps for both the front and back end of your lens that come with it – always use them! Different quality filters are available in the market, you should choose according to the quality of your lens.

2) Lens Cleaning Fluid : You can use an Alcohol based fluid to clean the harsh marks on your lens.Keep in mind that you don’t need too much of this fluid at a time – usually just a drop or two wiped in a gentle circular motion with a cleaning tissue will remove most marks on a lens or filter. Always apply the fluid to a cloth or tissue rather than the lens itself or you can also use another approach of breathing on your lens and then wiping off with cloth or tissue.

3) Cleaning Tissues : They are a very thin paper that will let you wipe your lenses without scratching them. These tissues are one use tissues and should be thrown away after using.

4) Blowers : You should be very careful while cleaning your lens with the Blowers. You can end up blowing dust on your lens so before you use a blower make sure you squeeze a few times first to get any dust that might be inside it out. They can be great for cleaning the outside of your camera – including the lens.

5) Silica Gel : Silica gel can be very useful to protect your lens from moisture. Silica have the property to draw the moisture, thus preventing your lens to get impacted by it. But remember to change Silica sachets over time or they’ll attract too much water and become useless.


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