How should arguments be represented in a debate?

How should arguments be represented in a debate?

Vikas Tyagi asked June 20, 2016

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Seema Rawat June 20, 2016

Arguments in debate should be well structured and researched thoroughly. They have to be precise with clear and conclusive evidence.  
Rather than just verbal argument, it should be represented with  quality based reasoning and proof  which support what you are trying to put forth.  
A few ways which could be useful for you to present your arguments are- 

  • Be well versed with your topic and your presentation. It also means that you have to be fully prepared for counter questions and attacks of your opponents as per their side of the argument.  
  • Confidently defend your argument from the critical assessment of the judges and do not let them deviate you from your assertions in fear of offending them. 
  • Boldly put forth your arguments. The points to be summed up in your topic should not be narrow but put forth passionately covering all aspects of the topic. 
  • Skillfully defend your suggestions and present your argument with logical conclusion.  
  • Always cite your sources and they should be multiple while presenting the argument. 
  • Always keep a margin of flexibility to adapt to a new perspective on your argument.  
  • Understand your material, research well, read news, find evidence to cite your argument and then coherently put forth your case. 
  • The strong points of your argument should come in the first half and the ending part of your argument should be equally impressive. You can play up the middle part or rather the middle argument could contain the weak points.  



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