How do I select a wick for candle making?

How do I select a wick for candle making?


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Abhilash Rajput April 6, 2016

The most crucial selection in a candle making process is the wick. In spite of aromatic fragrance, correct melted wax, beautiful container all being there in the candle, if the wick is not proper, it all might go to waste as the candle would just not burn properly.  
While selecting a wick the size, shape, wax, color, fragrance load and the diameter of the container, of the candle has to be kept in mind. The most frequently used wicks for candle making are- 

RRD - ideal with paraffin and soy waxes, made of cotton core and tension threads, used for votives and containers.

HTP and CD SERIES WICKS - known as paper wicks have paper core tied around the wick, used ideally for votives and containers.
LX SERIES WICKS– flat braided with stabilized threads used ideally for votives, containers and pillars.

ZINC CORE WICKS – it is used for hot pour process and goes well with paraffin wax container candles.
WICK CLIP ASSEMBLIES – wicks that have been already waxed, cut in different sizes, with different diameters. Depending on the type of candle, its fragrance load and size and shape the wicks can be selected from the wide variety available as ready to place wick.  

Besides the type of wick to be used it is also important that the wick should have a steady flame and ideally coated with wax to give it minimal glow even after being burned out.  


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