How do I find the right Training Institute for my child?

How do I find the right Training Institute for my child?

Mukesh Kumar Patel asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Sumit Paliwal April 19, 2016

This is a pretty dicey question as there are no secret accurate methodology to select the right institute for your child but yes weighing certain criterions might just benefit you.  
Before selecting the institute you have to be very clear on its economic feasibility, the services provided by it, facilities provided by the institute, location, kind of program it has to offer, after training opportunities that it shall provide your child with, its experience and rating in the market and how specialized are they in what your child wants to be enrolled for.    
Once you have shortlisted institutes, visit each one and observe the surroundings, talk to a few students, just get a hang of the campus and the faculty and then weigh the institutes as per you and your child’s suitability. Depending on the above criterion, practical assessment and your parental instinct, you will find the right institute for your child.  


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