How do I choose the right dance style for my kid?

How do I choose the right dance style for my kid?

Shivani Rana asked March 4, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi March 4, 2016

If you want your child to enroll for dance classes but are clueless as to which dance style would be best for your child,following are the factors that could be taken in while selecting a form of dance-  
Interest: The style of dance that your child is interested in will always have an edge over other styles because he/she will pursue it with much more passion in comparison to another style thus will excel in it. Try and find out which style your child prefers and then experiment with it.  
Body structure: Selecting the right dance style also depends on the type of body structure your child has. If your child is light weight and has good flexibility you can go in for classical dance style but if the child is overweight then go in for a style that the child can take up with ease.  
Explore: If you are confused between a few dance styles,try out classes of a few which you think are suitable and then decide which would be best suited. 
Dance comes from within and can only be excelled at if you have a passion for dance. It is not easy to select the right dance style for your child. With patience and information along with your child’s personal attributes and interest you will be able to choose the right kind.  


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