How do I choose the right color for my sketch?

How do I choose the right color for my sketch?

Rajat Verma asked July 6, 2016

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Nikita Rawat July 6, 2016

Color is essential to bring life to your sketch. It is your color input that either makes your work dull or amazingly vivid. 
It is very obvious that the colors will be either taken up from primary, secondary or complimentary colors. Choosing the right color for any sketch is not very easy as they require correct blending and there are many other aspects to be undertaken thereafter. These aspects help to mark the look that the sketch emits.  
Fields that have to be taken care of are: 

  • First it is essential to decide what is the focal point in your sketch. You then work upon colors that support your focal point, not fight with it.  
  • Blend in the colors amiably so that they give a total look and not a separated look to your work of art which means using more or less colors from the same family tone.  
  • If you want to give a serene or a calm look go in for the cool colors (green and blue shades) and if you want an energetic or vivid look, best to go in for warm shades (yellow and orange). 
  • You can use a mix of colors that are called pale colors and white on your drawing to give a soft dreamy look to it.  
  • Try using more colors that complement each other rather than that go against one another.  

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