How did the game of Table tennis originated?

How did the game of Table tennis originated?

Shipra Dhingra asked April 21, 2016

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Seema Rawat April 21, 2016

The origins of this sport is credited to Victorian-England, where it was once played a parlour game. Upper Class men would enjoy a recreational game after dinner. During this period, the game was even called ‘whiff-whaff.’

Once the popularity soared, British military personnel began creating makeshift versions of the games during their serving stints in India and South Africa. They had their own, unique rules of the game by the time they went back to England.During this period, military officials would use row of books on the table as a net, while two other heavy books would be used as racquets. A golf ball was used for the play as compared to the modern celluloid ball.

The alternate name,Ping-Pong,’ became popular after British manufacturer J. Jacques and Son Ltd. trademarked it in 1901 and developed rules for the games, while manufacturing expensive equipment.
The expensive Jacques’ equipment for the game resulted in competitors manufacturing cheaper or alternative equipment.

Since the word ‘ping-pong’ couldn’t be used, these manufacturers called it ‘table-tennis,’ which led to the popularity of the name.

It was only in 1901 that the first, modern celluloid ball was introduced for the game. James W. Gibb, a table tennis enthusiast discovered these balls when he was on a US trip. He played with them and realized that they were more ideal than a regular golf ball.Then E.C. Goode designed racquet with wooden blade.


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