How can technology affect my kid?

How can technology affect my kid?

Mudit Goyal asked July 8, 2016

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Seema Rawat July 8, 2016

Technology has become an integral part of the 21st century and is swaging the very foundation of thought and outcome process. Rather than comparing the child growth and development in earlier times to that of today, it is important to be observant about how we can maneuver technology to be helpful to the child’s growth.  
Social and Emotional Development: It is true that technology cannot provide your child with social interaction and the advantages of mental growth by reading or sharing together but yes if properly used it can serve as an effective means for imparting knowledge and information to the child and the parents to help them in social interactions.  
Language Development: Though children may not be that active with the indulgence in technology and may not be interested in going out to play, they learn to apply mental aptitude via different games and skills provided by technology. Their reading as well as language skills are improved if technology is used appropriately.  
Physical Skills and Motor Development: Indeed children are developing obesity and have become lazy but if their interaction to technology is limited to a certain time period every day, they will learn to exploit it advantageously and can develop motor skills by the games, puzzles, painting exercises and many other such applications.  
Technology is harmful yet can be molded to your advantage because life without technology is incomprehensible and you have to be very firm in balancing between old conservative techniques of child development which includes social interaction and physical play with modern technological methods which are influencing present era of children.  


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