How can I save my child from unwanted societal influences?

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Shivangi Sisodia June 7, 2016

Children are like the soft clay and they mould into what they follow or see. Thus, it is important for the parents to take care of the surroundings in which they are living. Being the kids of digital era, they are no more unfamiliar with the gadgets which can lead them to a good and even worst paths. Therefore, being a responsible parent what all you need to take care of is:

  • Monitor and limit their usage of gadgets by engaging them in interactive and physical activities. This will help them in mental and physical growth. You can participate with them in such activities to maintain their interest.
  • Life saving and health improvement activities like yoga, meditation, swimming, etc. are also important. Enrolling the kids in training for such activities can help them a lot in shaping their mind in a right direction. Also, self defense activities like martial arts will help in getting out of the difficult situations.
  • Be open and talk to them so as to keep the track of his/her friends. Ask the name of all the friends, keep record of their contact details and also meet them by organizing a small party. Meeting all the friends can let you know about the peer type that your child is with.
  • Do not scold your child if you see them engaging in a wrong activity. Try to talk them calmly and explain about the adverse effect.
  • Do not restrain them from accessing internet or social media platforms. Just show a friendly behavior and become the part of his/her friend list. This can help you to find out all his/her activities.
  • Do not engage yourself with smoking or alcoholic activities. Following you, they can engage engage with a bad group of friends which can lead to unfavorable activities.

The bottom line is, don’t be harsh with your child, no matter what. Always talk to them by playing with them or having meals together. Finding you friendly and calm, they will share all the things with you. In turn, this will help them to keep safe child from unwanted social influences.
A few studies also reveals that keeping the track of social media exposure helps the most to a parent from keeping the child safe from negative influences.


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