How can I reward my child’s good behavior?

How can I reward my child’s good behavior?

Parul Vishnoi asked July 6, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat July 6, 2016

Children love to be appreciated for their good behavior and small rewards can motivate them to be at their best, always. The small ways by which you can show your appreciation to bring a smile to your child’s face are- 

  • Praise your child for their efforts. They will feel confident and loved. 
  • Indulge your child by buying a small toy or something they like to show how much their good behavior is appreciable.  
  • Buy a sweet for your child or treat your child to some eatable that he/she wants. 
  • Give your child some extra time to do what they like. 
  • Give a tight hug to your child to show your love for their behavior. 
  • Let your child watch a movie of his/her choice. 
  • Give your child incentives in the form of  anything that they want. 

These are very small rewards but they go a long way to make your child secure and confident that hard work and good behavior indeed pays.  


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