From which country has Tabla originated?

From which country has Tabla originated?

Mudit Goyal asked March 8, 2016

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Nikita Rawat March 8, 2016

Tabla is a percussion instrument that is played on, by rhythmic movements of hands.  It is termed as an Indian gift to the world but there have been several argumentative discussions in the past with Indian experts claiming it to be a part of Pakhawaj and Muslim Tabla players claiming it to be an instrument brought about by their ancestors. 
There are many interesting tales to support both the arguments but it has been confirmed that  Tabla existed much before Pakhawaj or Mridang.  
It was said to be a part of eminent musical instruments of Arabia much before, though with a different shape.  
Though conclusively it cannot be said from where exactly Table originated but history has it that Tabla is a fusion of Arabic, Turkish and Persian influences with Indian drums. 
Even though it has originated perhaps from Arabia, yet Indian sub continent is said to have given the gift of these drums to the world and Tabla is recognized with India.  


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