From which country has Mridangam originated?

From which country has Mridangam originated?

Mohd Gufran asked April 19, 2016

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Seema Rawat April 19, 2016

Mridangam, a percussion instrument is said to have originated from India, especially South India. It is primarily accompanied in all Carnatic music ensemble.  

Origin of Mridangam dates back to Ancient India and it is also referred to as the choice of instrument for many Gods and Goddesses including Lord Ganesha.    

Being a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Mrida’ meaning clay/earth and ‘Anga’ meaning limb in ancient era Mridangam was made of hardened clay. Slowly as times evolved it started being made of wood for durability and in present times it is made from the wood of Jackfruit tree. It has the shape of an angular barrel. 

It involves one of the most complex taals and is thus known as King of Percussion and since it is considered to bring out the most melodious and unique tones it is also known as Queen of Melody.   


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