From which country has Mouth Organ originated?

From which country has Mouth Organ originated?

Deepak Vashishitha asked April 20, 2016

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Seema Rawat April 20, 2016

Mouth organ also known as harmonica is a rectangular musical instrument that is played by holding it in the hand and  inhaling and exhaling evenly in the spaced air channels in the instrument which produce sound.  
It is said that the origin of mouth organ / harmonica can be traced back to its being evolved from a Chinese wind instrument called ‘Sheng’ somewhere in 3000 BC.  
Europe first became aware of the Sheng in 1636 and by 1780’s European music makers were experimenting with it.  
Thus, harmonica is said to have originated from Germany where a clockmaker named Christian Buschmann modified the Chinese Sheng  somewhere in 1821.


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