From which country has Harmonium originated?

From which country has Harmonium originated?

Sonia Gupta asked June 20, 2016

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Nikita Rawat June 20, 2016

Whenever we talk about Harmonium it is generally correlated with Indian sub continent but little is it known that this is not so.  
Harmonium is said to have originated in France around 200 years back. It was only in the nineteenth century that Harmonium was brought to India by British citizens where it gained popularity and started to be recognized as an Indian instrument. It was only the Indians which gave multiple playing to harmonium which had been used as an instrument to be played in churches. 
Harmonium has a body like piano and free reeds which produce sound when filled with wind.  
So, basically Harmonium is a European musical instrument which was kind of imported to India in the 19th century where it gained fame and popularity around the globe. 


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