Could you give a few tips for controlling garden weed?

Could you give a few tips for controlling garden weed?

Sonia Gupta asked June 25, 2016

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Shivangi Sisodia June 25, 2016

Weeds are plants that grow in the garden even where they are not wanted. Some consider it as nature’s healing remedy for barren and plant less lands and some as unwanted guests that create a hectic task for the gardener in attempts to remove them.  

Here are a few strategies that could help you gain an insight into weeds and help you implement weeding in a manner that would give you a well groomed garden. 

  • There are dormant weed seeds all around your garden and digging the soil or exposing them to sunlight enables them to germinate. To keep them sleeping it is best that you dig only when essential and then salve the spot by plants or mulch.  
  • The weeds that are lying underground just ready to pop up need to be stopped from seeing sunlight and thus it is best if they are smothered by constant and consistent mulch be it wood barks, chips, straw or even for that matter pine needles.  
  • It is best to remove weeds when they are young as in just emerged. They are raw and not that strong and can come out with little efforts after a much drenching the soil type rain.  
  • In case of not being able to pull out weeds completely it is advisable to chop off their heads.  
  • Plant a tight bed as it leaves no room for weeds.  
  • Irrigation should either be done by drip irrigation method or hand so that water only reaches the plants and not the weeds to help them grow.  



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