Can you tell me a few yoga poses for controlling hormonal imbalance?

Can you tell me a few yoga poses for controlling hormonal imbalance?


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Seema Rawat November 25, 2016

Hormones are special chemicals produced, stored, and distributed by glands and organs within the body. The endocrine system controls this process. Some people believe by doing yoga poses that stimulate and/or activate certain glands and organs, the practice helps to maintain hormone balance and consistent production and distribution.You are probably aware of the fact that yoga can help correct hormonal imbalance. Both men and women can benefit from performing hormone-balancing poses.

There are many yoga poses that you can practice for improving hormonal imbalance. Some of these Yoga poses are :

  1. Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana :  This pose stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid. It also helps with depression.
  • Start by sitting on your heels.
  • Extend the arms back and grasp the soles of the feet.
  • Bring the chin to the chest , hinging at the hips and forehead touching the knees.
  • Lift the hips as you rest your head on the floor.
  • Rest comfortably for a few breaths.

2. Standing Head to Knee or Janursirasana :  Combined with Paschimottanasana, these two poses balance  blood sugar and stimulate the thymus, thyroid, kidneys, and pancreas.

  • Lift your right knee and hold with both hands. Inhale, then exhale.
  • On your next inhale, move your hands down to hold the right foot, and on the exhale, kick out the right leg.
  • Hold your right leg out at a 90-degree angle.
  • Drop your elbows as you lower your head to your knee. Hold for two breath cycles before releasing to the other side.

3)  Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana : 

  • Start in Staff Pose, feet flexed.
  • Hinge forward at the hips, walking your hands down your legs, keeping your back flat.
  • Rest with your hands alongside your legs for five breaths.
  • Return to Staff Pose slowly, with control, walking your hands back up your legs.

4) Easy Pose or Sukhasana : Slow, deliberate breathing reroutes hormonal signals and calms the adrenal gland to reduce stress and help alleviate post-partum depression.

  • Sit on a folded blanket at least two-inches thick, preferably higher.
  • Cross your legs  and rest your hands in your lap, palms up.
  • Keep your posture straight.
  • Inhale and extend your chin and spine forward, then quickly exhale.
  • Repeat this sequence, following the rhythm of your breath, for 30 seconds.



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