Can you suggest few greeting lines for debate?

Can you suggest few greeting lines for debate?

Shipra Dhingra asked April 11, 2016

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Seema Rawat April 11, 2016

Debating is an art of confidently trying to prove your assertions regarding for or against a topic.  
Greeting lines for debate could start with 

‘ Good evening respected judges, my worthy opponents, faculty members and audience , I (NAME) hereby humbly express my thanks for your interest in the (SUBJECT ). As previously stated I am hereby standing FOR/AGAINST the motion and if I have your permission I would like to begin by saying that……’ and then you can start with your topic.  

Generally greeting lines of the debate start somewhat like this be it any topic with a few changes in each presentation. The underlined facts that should be mentioned in your greeting lines though should be 

  • A greeting to all present there 
  • Your name 
  • You stand for or against the topic 
  • Your expression of thanks 

And then some catchy line regarding your topic which has essence 


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