Can you suggest few greeting lines for debate?

Can you suggest few greeting lines for debate?

Shivani Rana asked April 7, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi April 7, 2016

Debating is an art of confidently trying to prove your assertions regarding for or against a topic.  
Greeting lines for debate could start with 

‘ Good evening respected judges, my worthy opponents, faculty members and audience , I (NAME) hereby humbly express my thanks for your interest in the (SUBJECT ). As previously stated I am hereby standing FOR/AGAINST the motion and if I have your permission I would like to begin by saying that……’ and then you can start with your topic.  

Generally greeting lines of the debate start somewhat like this be it any topic with a few changes in each presentation. The underlined facts that should be mentioned in your greeting lines though should be 

- A greeting to all present there 
- Your name 
- You stand for or against the topic 
- Your expression of thanks 
- And then some catchy line regarding your topic which has essence 

shradul September 14, 2017

thanks, this helped me.

Abhilash Rajput April 17, 2018

A Greeting is much more than a simple introduction of yourself and your topic. It gives the audience a favour of what’s going to follow. It alerts an audience to whether you're going to be interesting or not. And it starts influencing listeners when they're primed to pay maximum attention.

You might think that the first couple of minutes were a little awkward, but you got on track after that. However, audiences judge you in the first 30-45 seconds itself. So starting out well, in most cases, is all that matters.

There are many ways in which you can great the audience. Telling a captivating story related to the topic is one of them. You can even use a rhetorical question or a powerful quote. After this, you can move on to acknowledging the judges, the members of the audience and your counterpart.

“Good afternoon, honourable adjudicators, members of the opposing team, chairlady and audience. I'm the Captain of the affirmative side. Today, our motion is ______________.”

This is the standard greeting. You can make changes to it if you like, however ensure that the context remains relatively same.


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