Can you name the different types of Sitar used ?

Can you name the different types of Sitar used ?

Puspanjali Mohanty asked November 21, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput November 21, 2016

Primarily, two types of sitars are used. The first is Gayaki Style Sitar and the second is the Instrumental Style Sitar

1)Gayaki Style Sitar also known as Vilayat Khan’s style. Made of seasoned toon wood, this type of sitar has a dark polish. It doesn’t usually have any carved decorations. Inlay decorations are made from mother of pearl imitation. Sympathetic strings are 11-13 in number. Bridge grinding styles are remarkably different and so is the thickness of the soundboard or Tabli.

2)Instrumental Style Sitar also known as Ravi Shankar’s style. Made from toon or Burma Teak, this type of sitar is different than the others because it has a second resonator, a tumba on the neck. Fully decorated, the sitar has floral and grape carvings. It also features coloured or black floral patterns. With 13 sympathetic strings, this kind of sitar is usually designed to be used by generations of players.

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