Can you name few variants of Guitar?

Can you name few variants of Guitar?

Nikhil Sinhal asked April 19, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 19, 2016

Guitar is a stringed musical instrument which brings out beautiful tunes from the application of the musicians fingers on those strings. There are many variants of Guitar depending on their make and the music they are used in. Broadly speaking the guitars are classified into two types- 
Acoustic Guitars: They produce a higher sound when played on because they are made of a hollow body. Acoustic Guitars come in many types on the basis of string and the material used in its body.   
Electric Guitars: they are made such that they work after being plugged in an amplifier. The strings are much thinner than acoustic guitars and much closer to the neck so can be played with much more ease. The body of electric Guitar is not hollow. Electric Guitars are very popular amongst advance performers and there are many types of electric Guitars depending on the basis of strings.  
Guitars are also classified on the basis of strings varying from four, six, seven, eight , ten or twelve strings.  
Some of the common types of acoustic or electric guitars found are- 

  • Classical Guitar- With nylon strings and popular for solo performance these guitars come in both variants.  
  • Electro-acoustic guitars: These guitars are designed so that they sound neutral with little alterations in the acoustic guitar tone.   
  • Twelve-string guitars: These guitars have six regular strings and six thin strings  
  • Archtop guitars: One of the most popular variant of guitar among performers because they are made with high standards and give out amazing tones.  
  • Steel guitars: Played by laying on the lap as slide is better controlled 
  • Resonator guitars: popular with country guitarist or blues and are played conventionally.  
  • Bass guitars: They have thick strings and long neck.  
  • Double-neck guitars : As its name signifies this type of Guitar has a double neck with one body. One guitar neck has six strings and the other has twelve. It is used when the guitarist needs the twelve strings for rhythm and six strings for solo.  

There are various variants of Guitar depending on the level of learning and performance. There are guitars for beginners, medium learners and for advance level performance and a guitarist can choose from them depending on his requirements.  


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