Can you name few variants of Flute ?

Can you name few variants of Flute ?

Kashif Akhtar asked November 29, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi November 29, 2016

If you observe closely, the flute is an open tube that produces sound as you use controlled airstream to blow through the head joint. There are various classes of flutes based on the mouthpiece : 

  • The Fipple Flutes such as the whistle, recorder, gemshorm, tin whistle, fujara, tonette and ocarina all have a duct that gives them a distinct sound. The drawback is that the music is less-controlled, although it is easier to play these flutes.
  • The Transverse Flutes or side-blown flutes such as the piccolo, dizi, bansuri, and western concert flute and the end-blown flutes such as kaval, shakuhachi, danso, ney, Anasazi, xiao and quena all come under this category. The musician makes use of a hole located on the side of the tube to produce the sound in these flutes.
  • There are open-ended and closed ended flutes as well. For instance, the pan pipes and acarina are close-ended while the concert flutes are open-ended. However, the latter have brighter timbres, better harmonics and offer more flexibility to the player.

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