Can you name few national musical championships held in India ?

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Meenakshi Tripathi January 30, 2017

Few Important Musical Championships held in India to showcase new talents are :

  • Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav: The Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav (formerly known as the Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav is an annual Indian Classical music festival held in Pune since 1953. The festival is hosted by the Arya Sangeet Prasarak Mandal (ASPM) and initiated by Bhimsen Joshi as a memorial music conference commemorating the life and work of Joshi's guru, Sawai Gandharva, the festival's namesake.


  • Teen Prahar: Teen Prahar is now a 5 hour festival that is presented in 2 cities. Essentially, it is a platform to encourage the best of young, lesser known talents as well as rare, near extinct instruments, forms and styles.


  • Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan: Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan is a noted Hindustani classical music and dance festival organized by Sur Singar Samsad, and held annually in Mumbai, India. All the prominent Indian classical vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers perform at the week-long festival.


  • Sabrang Utsav: Sabrang Utsav is a single-day Indian classical music festival held in memory of the singer Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, and was started by his disciple Malti Gilani. The festival has been held every year since 1968. It takes place in the winter months in Delhi.


  • Chaturprahar: Chaturprahar is an annual Indian classical music festival held at National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai, India. It is based on the concept of association of time (prahar) with the ragas. This festival started in 2011. It usually takes place in the month of September every year.


  • Qutub Festival: Qutub Festival is a three-day festival usually held in November–December in the Qutub complex in Delhi and is organized by Delhi Tourism, Govt. of Delhi. The festival showcases the cultural art forms of the country.


  • SwaraZankar Music Festival: SwaraZankar Music Festival is an annual Hindustani classical music festival held in Pune, India. The three-day festival started in 2009. Some of the renowned Hindustani classical music artistes perform at the event

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