Can you name few International Archery championships ?

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Meenakshi Tripathi January 19, 2017

Archery is an age old sport that is a simple yet highly skilled act of propelling arrows with the help of a bow. As an official sport, archery was first introduced in the 1900 Summer Olympic Games, and within the Indian sports framework, the Archery Association Of India has been solely responsible for conducting all national as well as international level tournaments within the country and beyond.
Few International Archery championships includes :

  • World Archery Championship – This event is comprised of a series of competitions that take place with several countries as the participants. The first World Archery Championship was held in 1931 in Ukraine, and thereafter this event takes place every year. In 2015, India won 4 silver medals.


  • Commonwealth Games – Archery has been a Commonwealth Games sport since 1982, but has only been featured twice; one in the 1982 Commonwealth Games and one in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In the 2010 games, India won 3 Gold medals along with 1 Silver and 4 Bronze.


  • Summer Olympics – Archery had its debut in the 1900 Summer Olympics, and has been contested in 14 Olympiads. Till 2015, France is the one country that has been featured the most in these games, although the Korean women’s archery team has been the most dominating one when it comes to winning contests.


  • Archery World Cup – This competition first started in 2006, and was organized by the World Archery Federation. The archers compete in four different stages and from four different countries, and the top 8 archers advance to an additional stage where they contest against each other for the final World Cup round. Till 2015, India has won 14 Gold, 27 Silver, and 17 Bronze


  • Asian Archery Grand Prix – The first event was organized in 2014, and this was primarily to encourage the sport and spread its popularity in Asian countries including India, China, and Japan. In the 2014 games which were held in Bangkok, India bagged 2 Gold and 1 Silver medal.

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