Can you name few important championships related to Golf ?

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Seema Rawat November 24, 2016

Golf is a classic and popular sport that involves the use of a club and ball. PGA, which is also known as Professional Golf Tours is the prime governing body for the sport and organizes all international golf tours across the world. Since golf is considered to be an expensive sport, its popularity has not hit the highest peak in India yet, although various people still play the game with immense fervour and zeal. Few Important Championships related to Golf are :

International Golf Championships includes :

  • International PGA Tours– Large scale and highly competitive world tours are organized in close collaboration with the IGF. The tours take part on an annual basis where all the top golfers compete against each other in groups of 3 or 4.


  • World Golf Championship– Which is organized under the larger umbrella of the PGA, is a group of 4 annual events for professional golfers. This event first started in 1999, and till 2016 is one of the most prestigious events for any golfer.

National Golf Championships includes :

  • Professional Golf Tour Of India– This tour which is organized in compliance with the PGA, was first played in 2006, and is a highly prestigious tournament for all professional golfers in India. The last season was played in 2014 where professional Indian golfer Shankar Das was the winner. Prior to this, astounding Indian golfers like Anirban Lahiri, and Ashok Kumar have dominated the score chart with their tremendous skill and performance on the course.


  • Amateur Golf Championship of India– The Indian Golf Union organizes this tournament every year, and the prime motive of this championship is to encourage the sport amongst those who are starting out in their professional golf careers. The 2015 winner for this tournament was the highly talented Priyanshu Singh.


  • All Indian Ladies Amateur Championship– Women have truly carved their name in this sport, and Sharmila Nicollet who is one of India’s most talented and inspiring golfers has bagged 11 professional wins and takes part in all major events and tournaments across Indian and beyond. This championship is to encourage Indian women to take part in the sport and to carve their own distinct niche.

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