Can you name few Famous Tabla players

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Meenakshi Tripathi November 21, 2016

Some of the most famous Tabla players are :

1)  Zakir Hussain – India’s finest Tabla player, Zakir Hussain, the son of legendary Tabla Player Alla Rakha, Hussain. His first Tabla based album was released in 1991 and a year later, he bagged Grammy Award for Best World Music Album. He was the first to win this award. A few years later, his Global Drum Project won him a Grammy in 2009.

2)  Alla Rakha – An exponent of Tabla and the father of Zakir Hussain, Alla Rakha played the musical instrument to perfection. He was a frequent accompanist for Ravi Shankar, who played the Sitar. Rakha is known for his contributions to the popularity of Tabla at the global arena.

3)  Ahmed Jan Thirakwa - He was also the master of fingering techniques in Tabla. He was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1970. To this date, his disciples have been taking his works forward.


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