Can you name few famous Indian Baseball players ?

Can you name few famous Indian Baseball players ?

Deepak Vashishitha asked March 22, 2017

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Seema Rawat March 22, 2017

In India, baseball is not a highly recognized game, but is popular in schools, colleges and clubs. The Amateur Baseball Federation Of India is the sole governing body for the sport and organizes state level championships and tournaments. Even though India does not have many well known athletes in baseball, Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel are the two most distinguished baseball players who have been a part of international teams in America.

  • Rinku Singh- Rinku Singh is the one prominent name that stands out as he is a left – handed pitcher for Bradenton Marauders. Singh hails from the famous Indian city of Lucknow, and was recognized for his superb skill in baseball after he was chosen as one of the winners for the large scale contest held in India called ‘The Million Dollar Arm’. He was the first Indian to appear in a professional baseball team, and has won many accolades and tournaments during his career.


  • Dinesh Kumar Patel- Dinesh Kumar Patel who is one of the winner’s from the Million Dollar Arm contest that was held in 2008. Patel is a right handed baseball pitcher who has played for the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization. Along with the left handed pitcher Rinku Singh, Patel was also one of the first India baseball players to sign a contract with an international baseball team. Patel is from Lucknow, and even though he is currently not pursuing baseball as a professional sport, he teaches baseball to young children and teenagers, and also practices javelin.


  • Babe Ruth- We certainly cannot speak of baseball without mentioning the most famous baseball players of all times, Babe Ruth. Ruth, who was an American professional baseball player, was also referred to as ‘The Bambino’, and ‘The Sultan Of Swat’, and was noted for his astounding performances as a left – handed pitcher. He was recognized for various batting records, including his home runs which were a total of 714.

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