Can you name few conditioning exercises for Dandiya?

Can you name few conditioning exercises for Dandiya?

Atulesh Kumar asked April 22, 2016

1 answer

Seema Rawat April 22, 2016

Dandiya is a dance form comprising of high energetic and rhythmic movements. The conditioning exercises that are associated to match the tempo of Dandiya are a combination of aerobics and cardiovascular exercises.  
Though learning Dandiya itself is a conditioning exercise which is fast, helps to lose calories involving movements from head to toe yet some exercises that help in adapting to Dandiya are-  

  • Upper body stretches and twists 
  • Exercises that enable swift movement of arm and foot 
  • Squatting exercises 
  • Besides which you can take up any form of exercising like running, skipping, walking, spinning, rowing or aerobics which increases your strength and ability to dance energetically. 

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