Can you name a few variants of debating styles?

Can you name a few variants of debating styles?

Ashish Goel asked July 12, 2016

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Nikita Rawat July 12, 2016

Debate refers to presentation of your argument for or against a certain topic in a formal manner usually backed by evidence and statistics. Debates vary in styles and each kind of debate has its own distinctive format and point of focus.  
Few variants of debating styles are- 
Karl Popper Debate: under this form debaters work in a group of three, come forward to present their view once and research on both sides of the topic. Used for secondary school competitions, prevalently used in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.  
Parliamentary Debate: most commonly used form of debate where the teams either propose or oppose. They fight their argument just as the legislative bill being presented before the house. It is dramatically covered just like a parliament session.  
British Parliamentary Debate: under this form there are four speakers/debaters in each team with two teams of two individuals each. Here 7 minutes are given to each team for presentation and last minute is protected. Motion is announced 15 minutes before the debate. 
Lincoln Douglas Debate: under this form the motion is a statement and is about a philosophical or political concern which are to be put forth in the debate demonstrating moral perspective.  
Mock Trial: based on the International Criminal Court of Rome, both sides present their case and the judges take decision based on the argument of each side. Facts are presented in the form of witness or legal documents to present their case with cross questioning. 
Public Forum Debate: this format provides the debaters to be on their feet with quick thinking skills and implementation which happens as the argument progresses. It provides the students a platform to become skilled at speaking on public forums.  
Team Policy Debate: oldest and one of the most popular form of debate. There are two teams of two members each, the affirmative and the negative. Both sides present their views and then challenge each other in the cross examination round.   

  1. Is Public speaking one among the variant of Debating styles?
Nikita Rawat July 12, 2016

Hi Anurag,
Public speaking is a complete different thing from Debating.Public speaking and debate both involves speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners but difference lies in the point that in Debate you have a opponent to counter attack on your points and cross question you while in Public speaking you don't have any opponent. 


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