Can you list few Yoga props?

Can you list few Yoga props?

Shivam Mahajan asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Abhilash Rajput April 19, 2016

Yoga props are used during Yoga to make certain difficult poses be done with ease and comfort. Props help the body to create the correct alignment thus enhancing the affect of the poses.  
Below is a list of props that are used for Yoga: 

STANDARD PROPS-  Things that are taken up to help in better posture and comfort for Yoga are standard props such as 

- Cushions 
- Blocks 
- Bolsters  
- Straps 
- Blankets  
- Sandbags 
ESOTERIC PROPS-  Furniture props that can be used as props to do yoga 

- Dowels and Towels 
- Balls and Walls 
- Chairs and Stairs 
- Ropes 
- Books as Blocks 
- Handbags 
- Yoga Mats 
- Furniture 
- Partners, Pets


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