Can you list few conditioning exercises for Kathak?

Can you list few conditioning exercises for Kathak?


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Meenakshi Tripathi April 22, 2016

Kathak is a union between mind, body and soul and it is expressively performed by hand gestures and rhythmic footwork.  
To enable dancers to perform Kathak, the dancers need extensive strength and energy which can be provided by taking up cardio vascular exercises. 
Kathak form of classical dance is not performed at very fast or energetic beats but is rather slow and performed with flowing movements but energy along with rhythm is an essential prerequisite for it.   
Conditioning exercises that could be taken up for Kathak could be- 

  • Yoga exercises that increase stability and endurance along with  control of body limbs enhancing flexibility. 
  • Meditation and breath control exercises are another exercise you could work upon. 
  • Exercises that increase the tempo of the foot and also provide stamina to legs and thighs can be worked upon

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