Can you guide me with the basic structure of Debate?

Can you guide me with the basic structure of Debate?

Himanshu Sharma asked July 9, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi July 9, 2016

The basic structure of debate is very simple. It comprises of two opponents which can range from being a solo participant to two teams comprising of 2 ,3 or 4 members each. One team takes up the affirmative /for the topic and the other takes up the negative / against the topic.  
The adjudicator starts the debate and the first team or solo debater presents its case. Usually the first team is the team that s for the topic. Then within a stipulated time period both the teams or debaters are given chance to present their case and cross question and challenge each other’s arguments to assert their point of view.  
With application of three M’s i.e. Matter, Manner and Method you have to strike balance and captivate attention of the judges as well as audience to your presentation of the topic.
The debate usually is held for a stipulated period of time which comes to an end when the judges decide which side has won based on their arguments, quick wit, relevant evidence and their sprightliness in answering questions put up by judges, opponents or audience.


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