Can you give the overview of the game of Golf ?

Can you give the overview of the game of Golf ?

Pramil Verma asked January 13, 2017

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Ashish Kumar January 13, 2017

Golf is a classic and popular sport that involves the use of a club and ball. Even though golf is one of the few sports where a standardized playing area is not mandatory, a traditional game of golf is played on a course with an arranged progression of 9 or 18 holes which the respective player is supposed to target in order to gain points.
Here are few points you should keep in mind before playing Golf :

  • The overall objective of the game is extremely simple, wherein a player has to hit the golf ball in as few shots as possible and get it from the Tee’ to the ‘Green, and ultimately in the hole. The best shot is considered when a golfer hits the ball, and it lands in the hole in the first shot.
  • The ‘hole’ refers to both the physical hole marked by a flag into which the ball must sink, and also the whole area from the tee point to the green. This is considered as one unit of the course, with a standard course consisting of 18 separate holes, all of which are played one by one.


  • The usual scoring method in golf is referred to as the ‘stroke’ play, where the total number of shots a player takes to get the ball in the hole are summed up to make a cumulative score. At a novice level, this is usually played over one round which consists of 18 holes, while professional golfers play four rounds. For instance, the golf tournament may start on a Thursday and end on a Sunday.


  • The overall score is expressed in terms of under or over par. Par is the number of shots a golfer would expect to complete an entire hole in. For a player, being under par is more beneficial as that is an indication of the fact that the player completed the hole in fewer shots than anticipated.


  • The golf ball must be hit using the standard golf clubs from the start of each hole to the green, and then ultimately into the hole. This is marked by a flag.


  • Players strike the ball in turn with the outermost away from the hole going first. At the beginning of a new hole, the player who takes the least shots on the preceding hole needs to go first.


  • The penalty for a lost ball is one stroke, and this is when a ball is struck out of the course boundaries or into water bodies. The player gets five minutes to search for the ball.


  • The player is allowed to use up to 14 clubs in a traditional game of golf.


  • During the game, a player can seek advice from his caddy or partner, but no one else. 


  • The ball needs to be played or struck in the exact position it is found. It cannot be moved around, and its position cannot be manipulated.


  • On the putting green, a player can mark, clean or lift his ball so long it is kept back in its former position.

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