Can you discuss the rules of Squash ?

Can you discuss the rules of Squash ?


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Seema Rawat February 21, 2017

The game of Squash is played in confined spaces, often at high speed. To ensure orderly play, players and the referee should focus on safety on the field as well as fair play. While the rules of the game vary from one region to the other, the general idea remains the same.

  • In either singles or doubles’ game, all players can hold a racket to strike the ball. These rackets and balls must meet WSF specifications.


  • Rally begins with the serve and players return or strike the ball alternately. Play can continue as far as it’s deemed practical.


  • Winner of any rally can score a point. This player also serves the next rally.


  • Players must achieve 11 points to win the game. If the game is 10-all, it shall be continued till one of the players leads by 2 points


  • Matches can be best of 5 or best of 3.


  • The matches should have a marker and a referee for facilitation and officiation.


  • The player who wins spin of rackets serves first. The server can also choose the service-box they would use to serve.


  • In case a rally ends in a let, the server must serve again from the same box.


  • A serve is considered good if- the ball is struck correctly on the first attempt before it touches anything else, if one of the server’s foot is in contact with the floor on service box, if the ball is directly struck at front wall, if the ball is not served out and if the ball bounces for the first time in opposite.


  • Let can be allowed if the receiver is not ready to return the serve or doesn’t make an attempt to return.


  • Players must make attempts and efforts to be clear and avoid interference. Interference should be prevented so that the opponent has fair view of the ball when it’s on rebound, has unobstructed direct access to the ball, has space to take the swing and has the freedom to strike. If another player is causing excessive swing with the racket, it would be considered as interference.


  • The players must comply with tournament regulations with the rules. They must conduct themselves with grace and shouldn’t leave the court without the permission of the referee.

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