Can you discuss the rules of Soccer ?

Can you discuss the rules of Soccer ?


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Abhilash Rajput November 25, 2016

The rules of soccer are actually termed as ‘Laws of the game,’ with specific guidelines followed. These laws are designed to apply on all levels, although certain modifications are permitted. International Football Association Board (IFAB) maintains the laws while they are published by FIFA.

  • For every game, a head referee is required. This referee ensures that players are wearing the right equipment, signals the start of the game, punish or enforce violation rules, stop the game in case a player is injured, decides if the game is to be continued and keeps time


  • The game is played for a period of 90 minutes, equal halves of 45 minutes each. Additional minutes may be required to compensate for lost time. Overtime may be needed if the winner of the competition isn’t decided.


  • Kick-off starts the game and restarts after every goal is scored. Only two players are allowed in the inner circle at this time, where one kicks and the other receives the ball.


  • A ball is considered out of bounds if it crosses goal line or the touchline on the ground or in the air.


  • Goal is considered if the ball crosses goal line between the goalposts established at the either ends of the field, provided that no violation has taken place. Side that scores wins the point.


  • In case a player attempts to take a goal from the offside (fewer than two defender between player and the goal line) then it’s considered a violation. Free kick is awarded to the opposition in such a case.


  • Penalty kick is awarded is defender commits foul in their penalty area.


  • Throw-ins are awarded to the team when a ball goes over touchline. The taker then throws the ball with both feet on the ground, using only hands.


  • Goal kicks are awarded to the defending team if opposing team causes ball to go over the goal line. Goal kick is then taken by any player from the defending team.


  • Corner kicks are given to attacking team if opposing players are the last one to touch the ball before it goes beyond goal line.

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