Can you discuss the positioning of pieces in the game of Chess ?

Can you discuss the positioning of pieces in the game of Chess ?

Payal Agarwal asked March 1, 2017

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Ashish Kumar March 1, 2017

There are various rules that govern the game of chess.  The world governing body FIDE has set the standard rules for the game with slight modifications that have been made by some national organisations.  The rules are slightly different for correspondence chess, fast chess, chess variants and online chess.

The positioning of the pieces are as follows:

  • The placement of the rooks are on the outside corners, right and left edge.
  • The placement of the knights are immediately inside of the rooks.
  • The placement of the bishops are immediately inside of the knights.
  • The placement of the queen is on the central square of the same colour that the player has chosen i.e. white queen should be placed on the white square and black queen should be on the black square.
  • The king’s spot is the vacant one next to the queen.
  • The placement of the pawns is one square in front of all of the other pieces.

The pieces can move according to the following rules :

  • The king can move exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There is a special move that the king can make called castling which is allowed only once per player, per game.
  • A rook is allowed to move any number of vacant squares in a horizontal or vertical direction. It also is moved when castling.
  • A bishop can move any number of vacant squares in any diagonal direction.
  • The queen can move any number of vacant squares in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction.
  • knight can move only to the nearest square not on the same rank, file, or diagonal.
  • Pawns have a lot of scope of movement with complex rules.
  • A pawn moves straight forward one square, if that square is empty; it can also move two squares straight forward, if both the squares are not occupied. However, pawns cannot move backwards.
  • Pawns can capture an enemy piece that is placed on either of the two squares diagonally in front of the pawn.

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