Can you discuss the few rules of game of Shooting ?

Can you discuss the few rules of game of Shooting ?


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Sumit Paliwal November 18, 2016

Since a number of events are played in Shooting, the general rules regarding limits, meters or the target may differ. Some basic rules are applied to every single game. These rules are mentioned below :

  1. Tie break procedures are followed throughout the event. In qualification rounds of rifle and pistol events, ties are broken by comparing inner tens or the smaller rings where shooters scored throughout the series. If no results are achieved, then a shoot-off is done to decide the finalists.
  2. For shotgun and 25 m rapid fire pistol events, shoots-offs are the only way to break ties and decide who would participate in the finals.
  3. Shooter may make a score protest about the value of a shot. But if the same is denied, a two-point penalty would be placed on the shooter.
  4. The official results for any of the events cannot be published until all problems are results, if any. Participants can file protest or appeals during the period specified by the ISSF rules.

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