Can you discuss the different types of Harmonium ?

Can you discuss the different types of Harmonium ?


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Meenakshi Tripathi November 25, 2016

One look at the Harmonium and you almost think of it as a miniature version of a piano. Despite the similarity, the sound quality is entirely different. The Harmonium is also known as the ‘pump organ’ or a reed organ that produces sounds that contain ‘bellows’.

There are various types or models of harmonium that are available:

  • Foldable Harmonium and Standing Models: A lot of people prefer the folding variety as it is more portable and people can carry it easily. However, the standing model comes with a stand and is quite apt for those who wish to perform while standing.


  • Compact Harmonium: This one is very small and has a carry case. It is much smaller than the standard harmonium, yet produces a similar sound with the entire range.


  • Harmonium with Coupler: This harmonium produces sound that incorporate the next lower octave to give a powerful and richer sound altogether.


  • Scale Changer Harmonium: This model allows a full sound pattern and is very harmonious with a complete sound pattern. It has 42 keys and 5 adjustable drones. There is also the possibility of using a coupler in this as well.


  • 22-microtone Harmonium: This was developed by Vidyadhar Oke in which 22 microtones, crucial to Indian classical music, can be played. This can be used for any raga.


  • Samvadini Harmonium: The harmonium was then improvised with a ‘swarmandal’ (harp-like box) which helped to render cut notes and high speed passages.

For complete information about Harmonium, you can read A Complete Guide to Harmonium.


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