Can you discuss the components of Sitar?

Can you discuss the components of Sitar?

Ashutosh Singh asked November 2, 2016

1 answer

Ashish Kumar November 2, 2016

The soft, harmonious and lively tunes that stem out from a sitar are melodious, enchanting and relaxing. Derived from the Veena, an ancient Indian instrument, Sitar is long necked and features an interesting construction.A sitar features seven strings, 11-13 resonating strings with 20 frets. The long, broad and fretted neck is shaped beautifully for easier fine tuning. The best part about the sitar is that it is complementing in nature, so while some notes are played, the sympathetic strings react to the sounds along with it, creating a ‘natural reverb’.In appearance, the sitar is quite similar to another long-necked, plucked string instrument called the Tambura. What differentiates the two is the fact that sitar has frets.the Sitar measures about 4 feet in length and includes a deep pear-shaped gourd body.The wooden neck is long, wide and hollow. Both front and side have tuning pegs, with 20 arched movable frets, and strings are made from metal


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