Can you discuss the Components and Construction of Sitar ?

Can you discuss the Components and Construction of Sitar ?

Ashish Lavaniya asked November 17, 2016

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Nikita Kashyap November 17, 2016

The basic Anatomy of Sitar consist of :

  1. A usual sitar can have anywhere from 18-21 strings. Some of these strings run over curved raised frets. Fret basically refers to the raised element on the stringed instruments neck, instead into the fingerboard.
  2. Rest of the strings are called sympathetic strings, running underneath the frets. These strings are auxiliary strings, which aren’t usually played by the performer and are rather played indirectly through the main strings.
  3. Sitar has two bridges as well; the large bridge for playing drone string and the small bridge for sympathetic strings. Music is created through the interaction of these strings with the wide, sloping bridge.
  4. The main resonating chamber has bridges fixed to it. A secondary resonator may be added to the top of the hollow neck.
  5. Construction of a sitar is done using teak wood, a variation of mahogany. Gourds are used for resonating chambers. Sitar’s bridges are made using ebony, deer horn and sometimes the camel bone.

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