Can you discuss the basic rules of Baseball ?

Can you discuss the basic rules of Baseball ?


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Seema Rawat November 10, 2016

The basic rules of Baseball includes :

  1. A baseball game has 2 teams that consist of 9 players on each side.
  2. The different positions on the field include a catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, and three outfielders who stand on the centre field, right field, and left field.
  3. A typical baseball game lasts for a total of 9 innings, and both the teams get to bat once.
  4. If the player who is batting succeeds in hitting the ball from the pitcher, then they need to make it to the first base. Post this, they can run to as many bases as they can, before getting tagged out.
  5. It is important and mandatory that each base needs to be touched by some part of the batter’s body in order to be taken into consideration.
  6.  A strike is considered, if a batter swings his bat for a ball, but misses it. The batter can decide whether or not he wants to leave the ball, but if the ball is inside the strike zone, then a strike out will be given to the respective player.
  7. A player can be taken out or dismissed by either a strike out, force out, fly out, or a tag out.

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