Can you discuss the basic rules of Archery ?

Can you discuss the basic rules of Archery ?

Kashif Akhtar asked January 9, 2017

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Seema Rawat January 9, 2017

Archery has been an ancient sport since the time civilisation started. Initially, the act of shooting arrows was primarily for the purpose of war or hunting, but archery has over a large period of time become a sport that requires enormous skill, great mental strength and the ability to focus well. The basic rules and requirements of the Archery are :

  • The main objective of archery is to shoot arrows as close as possible to the centre of the target. On competitive levels, the target distance is usually 70 meters, and ranking rounds are included where the overall score determines the athlete’s ranking.


  • As a standard rule, the archers are not supposed to use any added equipment besides the basics, in which case it is considered unfair to the opponent.


  • The maximum time granted in order to shoot an end of three arrows is two minutes, and four minutes for an end of six arrows.


  • Athletes are not allowed to raise the bow arm until the start signal is given, and penalties can be given if the archer draws the bow after the official practice has been closed.


  • An archer cannot re-shoot the arrow under any circumstance except for one single case, in which the archer falls over or the target blows. Additional time is given to the archer in this scenario.


  • Archers can be disqualified, or have their points taken off from the competition based on the severity of the offense or on breaching of rules.


  • The scoring process in archery is quite simple, where points are added up based on where the arrow hits the target board. The highest score for a single arrow is 10 points, which is in case the player manages to hit the inner gold ring. The least scoring point is 1, and this is in case the player misses the target altogether or does not score anywhere near the center point.


  • In Olympic tournaments, athletes are required to shoot 72 arrows in 12 different phases or intervals. The cumulative score is taken into consideration in this case. The players also go into a head to head knockout competition where they need to score one more point than their opponent in order to win.


  • In case there is a tie, the archer with the highest number of 10’s is declared the winner.

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