Can you discuss different variants of Drums ?

Can you discuss different variants of Drums ?

Rohit Kaushik asked November 19, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi November 19, 2016

Over the course of thousands of centuries, drums have evolved, been invented and recreated in different styles over and over again. Here are some different types of drums.

Acoustic Drums – These are the most common form of western drum sets that are available in power/rock drum kits, fusion drum kits or as jazz drums. They are made using different kinds of wood or may feature steel, including the snare, bass and tom drums.

Electronic Drums – With an unbelievable library of sonic options, electronic drums are now widely popular. They are advanced and have capabilities beyond percussion musical instruments. They basically have pads that represent acoustical drums and these pads can imitate almost any sound.

Auxiliary Drum Sets – A mix of bells, drums, blocks, triangles, chimes and a variety of other musical instruments, these drums are basically hybrid and go beyond mere drumming. They are often used for solo applications in bands.

Hand Drums – Hand drums have actually evolved from the oldest styles of drums. They include Congas, which are popular Cuban Drums, Bongos that are Afro – Cuban and small along with Tabla which is played with the heels of hands and fingertips.

Frame Drums – These are the broadest family of drums and include a variety of drums that can be easily held in ones hands. They include the Pandeiro, which is a Brazilian drum played with palms and thumbs, and the Tambourine, which can be hand in the palm and played using fingers and heels of the hand or Goblet drums.


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