Can you discuss different components of Violin ?

Can you discuss different components of Violin ?

Deepak Singh asked March 2, 2017

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Sumit Paliwal March 2, 2017

While the playing ranges of musical instruments in the Violin family may overlap each other, it must be known that their tone quality and overall size distinguishes them from one another. For instance, while playing Violin, the ranges are from G3 to E7 whereas for Viola, it is C3 to A6.

The construction of violin is such that it can be played below the neck :

  • Its body is made using two arched plates that are fastened with animal hide glue.


  • Back and ribs of the violin is made from maple and matching striped figure. The neck is compatible to the ribs and back.


  • It also carries a fingerboard, which is made from ebony. Ebony is used for the purpose because it has superior resistance to wear, it’s hard and has the right kind of appearance. The bridge shows a flecked figure and forms lower anchor point for the vibration of strings.


  • Sound post is in the back and top. It supports the top under the string pressure. Tailpiece is a part that’s made from carbon fibre, plastic, wood, metal or anchor. Tuning pegs are used as well. Bow is the part of the design and made using horsehair strung between tip and frog or nut.

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