Can you describe the construction and components of Drum ?

Can you describe the construction and components of Drum ?

Ashish Kaushik asked November 23, 2016

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Seema Rawat November 23, 2016

Despite the fact that drums around the world are so different and unique, they still bear the same basic design and construction.

  • The shell is the most important part of any drum and it is circular or similar to a round shape. The circular open has a drumhead that’s stretched. In different regions, the shape of the drumhead is cylinder, bowl – shade or other framed designs.


  • The drums that have cylindrical shells are usually open at one end, such as Dholki or they can have two drum heads. However, the ones that have a single head have a hollow vessel, whereas the drums with two heads have a small hole between the two heads which forms a resonating chamber that results in sound.


  • In band and orchestral drums, the drumhead is placed over the opening of the drum. Then, tension rods are placed evenly across the circumference. This, along with the shape, shell size, thickness, and material of the drumhead and striking velocity or angle affects the use of the drum.


  • Before the use of tension rods, drum skins were attached using rope systems. This is still evident in the design of the Tabla, which is tuned by hammering a disc in place around the drop.

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