Can you describe the components and construction of Piano ?

Can you describe the components and construction of Piano ?

Dharamveer Rawat asked November 11, 2016

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Ashish Kumar November 11, 2016

The Components of Piano includes :
1) The construction of a piano is such that each key is actually about two feet long, most of it hidden in the interiors. When a key is pressed down, the lever of that key ascends. The construction ensures that this lever activates a spring, which tosses the hammer at the string. These two parts are independent of each other and the string vibrates when struck.
2) Piano hammers are essentially constructed to create a particular sound. The movement of hammer is essential because only then it will come in contact with the string, and thereby giving sound to the note. To let the string vibrate, the hammer then falls back down so that the string can vibrate unhindered. The design is such that the hammer cannot just bounce around.
3) Dampers are cushions on the string. They are constructed for a simple reason i.e. to ensure that the string vibrates for as long as the key is held down. They are raised by metal rods. Dampers can be raised using the sustaining pedal as well. These are foot operated levers that allow you to play the note as long as you want. In grand pianos, two or more pedals may be present.
4) A piano includes pins and pin blocks as well, which are designed to raise the pitch. The bass strings are thick and coiled. A piano will also have graphite bridges with tiny pins so that no metal parts vibrate unnecessarily.


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