Can I make my career as a tabla player?

Can I make my career as a tabla player?

Himanshu Sharma asked October 3, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat October 3, 2016

Traditional Indian instruments are based on rhythm. They are considered to enlighten our soul spiritually.  
Tabla is an art but not an easy one. If you have a passion for this percussion instrument you can definitely make your career as a tabla player. Follow your dreams should be the punch line and then comes long, difficult years of practice, building up strength and coordination, an immense devotion and above all vigorous training under an Ustaad.  
India is becoming a recognized country for producing eminent classical vocalists and instrumentalists. Long gone are the days when learning music had no monetary gain or social recognition. Children from rich families are coming up as music maestros by studying music.  
Music is a profitable profession in present times and the barriers of genders have also been breached. Even girls are being seen in the field of Tabla.  
So, if you have talent and passion you can take up tabla as your career by going through the right channels and you tend to win on monetary front too.  


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