Can I make my career as a Guitarist?

Can I make my career as a Guitarist?

Taru Agarwal asked July 6, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi July 6, 2016

Before thinking of making your career as a Guitarist you need to have a passion for it. ‘Make your passion your career’. If you are passionate about playing Guitar then go ahead and start thinking on terms of building a career out of it. 
Passion itself is not enough but it can definitely provide you with that kick start you need. Understand that it is more than just a skill or a talent and pursuing it diligently will make you achieve success.  
To start with – 

  • Enroll yourself with a good teacher 
  • Practice regularly 
  • Learn to build on skills that are essential for playing Guitar 
  • Learn to read and listen to music 
  • Make your own compositions 
  • Join music bands 
  • Play in front of audience without inhibition 

After successfully completing the first level go on to the second level of learning if your passion still is to become a guitarist. You have to continue working at it every day. With hard work and an equally good music teaching academy you can pave the path for your career. 
Acquiring high level musical training in a guitar excellence institute and qualifying for degrees is the last step towards the pursuance of your dream. 
First inception of the thought and then years of hard work will certainly make you a guitarist. 


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