Can I get a few tips for street photography?

Can I get a few tips for street photography?

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Ashish Kumar September 29, 2016

Street photography is not an easy task and trying to shoot people on the street can be pretty intimidating yet exhilarating.  
A few tips that aspiring photographers could start with are- 

  • It is ideal to use  wide angle prime lens cameras for shooting in streets as they are small and not noticeable and also helps in capturing the subjects without pointing the camera at them.  
  • Use a 24, 28 or 35 mm on a full frame or crop camera and try to capture the image by getting so close to your subject that you can see their sweat tickling or the texture of their skin.  
  • Always carry your camera with you because moments are best captured unexpectedly.  
  • As a photographer you have to break the restrictions of social norms which means that you have to try and do unusual things without getting conscious of what people might say about you. Photography on the streets will become easy. 
  • Smile at people when you click them. This will help ease the tense surroundings and any inhibitions in the people on the street. They will not consider your attempts o photograph them as a malicious intent. 
  • Take permission from those on the street who you find interesting and want to click.  
  • Try to change your perspective while taking a picture. Think of the message that would come across by your picture and you will notice that good intentions themselves show in the picture taken. 
  • Street photography is unique because of the emotions, expressions and beauty that it can bring out. Try capturing emotions, two different weighted people, different in complexions or height.  

Whenever you take a picture on street think about your subject and the story that you are trying to convey through that photograph and you will see the remarkable difference in the photograph. 

  1. thanks, good points.

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